Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scaredy Cat

I haven't been able to sleep soundly for the past few days..


Cause I am so scared to be alone.. at home..sleeping alone!

Last week my best friend and I planned of having some booze at my place.
He also invited his date (Vasti) which happens to be my high school ex! (I am already through with him though.LOL!)

Anyway, the night came and we bought 2 bottles of mucho.
We had our each 'tagay' then..
Vasti asked me where the washroom is cause he needed to pee.
I accompanied him to the washroom, which is beside our room.
Along the hallway of our house, there are chairs on the side.
Before getting inside the washroom, Vasti said "may nakaupo pala sa silya".
So I looked again and VOILA! I did not see anything and it gave me the creeps.
I told him to stop joking around.
He said that he wasn't joking and indeed he saw someone sitting on the chair.

There are already ghoul stories even before I moved in to my place.
They said that there's this one girl roaming around our place.
I also have a room mate who can see ghosts!

As for me, I just ignored it cause I ain't got no 6th Sense nor ESP-N! Whatever you wanna call it!..Kiddin' aside.

Going back to the story...
I asked Vasti what he saw.. I asked him if he saw a man or a woman.. tall guy? small woman?
Vasti said that he saw a woman but the woman is actually a little girl.

So I thought of the same story before I moved in to this place.
They said that this little girl has a short apple-cut hair and is wearing a white dress with ruffles.

Vasti said that he saw a little girl,short haired and wears a dress with ruffles.
So again, it gave me the creeps!

We continued drinking beer but then I was a little fidgety when he described to me what he saw.
Vasti said that he needed to go to the washroom again.
So we just waited for him outside.

Vasti came back smiling.
I asked him why is he smiling.
He said he saw an old guy inside our washroom.

Vasti continued smiling
I got a little bit annoyed because of this.
So I asked Vasti about the smiling...
He said that the little girl wants to play with him.
Vasti also said that the old man doesn't want any noise inside the house

We continued with our drinking session and decided to just not talk about
it since we're all scared of what Vasti saw inside our place.

After hearing Vasti's story and from what he saw that night..
I always sleep at night with our television turned on and just put in a sleep timer after an hour or two.
I always look at our hallway before I enter the room...
I still need to bank on some courage before I go to our washroom..
I can't sleep soundly because of this..

It always gives me the creeps to be home alone at night! awooo!