Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hair Color Disaster

The time came and I decided to dye my hair bleach blonde!
I was actually trying to get the platinum hair color and unfortunately
the salon that I went to didn't have the blue or purple hair toner to make it grayish/platinum.
Here is the result of what they did to my hair...

Okay, it's almost white. They had to bleach my hair twice!
I was in great pain when they were bleaching my hair.
It's like my hair got pulled 10 times! OUCH!

So I went to the office wearing this kind of hair color.
Most of my colleagues liked my hair color but unfortunately one of my managers
asked me to dye it a little bit darker... Why? cause she said we are in the business industry.
( I need a reimbursement!!! )
Anyhow, I do not have a choice... So yesterday I had to dye my hair brown.
Here is the result...

They said it looks better than the bleach blonde hair.
One of my friends also "accused" me of lookin' like Charice Pempengco!
I hated him for that! LMFAO!

I think Imma wear this hair color for a while...


  1. I like the blond hair its so UNIQUE and really HOT!

  2. yeah i like the blonde hair better... but then again u dont have any choice.. :P